Why does it matter who wins?

You may have noticed that this is a hotly contested race with 6 candidates. WHY? Have you ever seen this before in McKees Rocks? Here's what's REALLY going on. Over the last three years Liz and Shallegra were appointed to Council to fill vacated seats (Liz later won election to her seat in 2017) because they thought they wanted "new blood". "New" meaning people who moved here rather than having grown up here. Well apparently they have changed their minds since they are pushing hard to get long-time residents in instead. 

Liz and Shallegra, along with Council members Maribeth Taylor (who is retiring from Council) and 2nd Ward Council member Sarah Harvey have been a vocal minority for CHANGE, while the other five Council members have dug in their heels to keep things the way they've always been: back-room deals, nepotism, hire whoever you want without advertising the jobs, keep the 1974 zoning laws, build gas stations and buildings for government that don't create jobs instead of looking to the future, building for job creation and a modern, open, transparent government. The other five, along with the Mayor strongly support our opponents. Clearly our opponents will also keep things the way they are.

There's someone else that strongly supports our opponents. The Commercial Developer who brought us Speedway and tore down the Eat'n Park for the Housing Authority Building. How do we know? Because he 100% financed their primary race and is financing the general electiontion.  It's right there in the campaign finance report. McKees Rocks First is based in Sewickley and paid for by one person. Compare our finance reports: 




Why is he so anxious for our opponents to win thats he willing to finance it all himself? You decide. Our votes aren't needed for them to win motions. They have the majority. So what is it? Five is barely a majority while 8 out 9 pretty much guarantees whatever he wants. With 4 dissenters, we make a lot of noise and shed light on shady practices. With only 1 person dissenting, they may be too intimidated to stand up. Is that we want? A government of bullies? Or a government of compromise?

If you like things the way they are - don't vote for us!

But if you want to see commercial and industrial development that brings jobs, new and revamped housing stock, and a revitalized, safer community, and government thats accountable to the people rather than to a single developer who uses government funds to build,  that's what we want too! Help us change the direction we're going by voting for us and sending a message to the Majority that its time for CHANGE!

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