Why Vote?

Lots of people don't vote in local elections. They only vote in the "BIG" ones that matter. The truth is your vote matters more in a local election. Why? Because there are fewer voters and even 1 - yes 1 vote can matter! PLUS the local election has far more impact on your daily life than the national elections will. Your local officials handle things like roads, and garbage collection, water, sewers, fire and police. They also are responsible for zoning laws, local ordinances, and the upkeep of the town. Isn't that more important to you on a day to day basis?


In the Primary there were three candidates who ended up ONE vote apart for the third ballot slot! For these candidates 1 or 2 votes would have changed everything. And since these three candidates have very different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints, the winner will help shape the future of McKees Rocks.


Now as it turns out, we're about to re-run the primary with a little rearrangement on the ballot. This time David Flick will be running a write-in campaign. Liz, Shallegra and Chaz Maritz will be on the ballot as Democrats. Our opponents from the primary will be on the ballot as Republicans. We do not yet know if Maritz will be on both ballots but we assume so. He got the third slot on the Democratic side and the three of them got the most Republican write-ins.


David Flick missed being on the ballot by TWO VOTES! Yes, each and every vote matters VERY VERY much. This race is so close you cannot assume your candidate(s) will win without your vote. So, if you need help getting to the Polls, let us know through the Contact page. We'll make sure you can get there or get an absentee ballot.

If you aren't registered to vote - REGISTER! If you need a registration form, let us know through the Contact page and we'll make sure you get Registered (as long as its before Oct 7!)

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