Housing & Blight


We are committed to making all efforts to obtain funding to tear down houses and other buildings that are beyond repair and rehabbing ones that can be. There are many beautiful buildings in McKees Rocks. Many can be brought back to their once stately appearance. There are developers willing to build new using designs that blend with the neighborhood rather than building mini mansions that do not fit the architecture of our town.

We will work with Residents to help them obtain empty lots adjacent to their property to expand their yards and gardens or even their homes. Many homes in the Rocks are very close together creating fire hazards and privacy issues. When lots become available, it should be easy for a homeowner to buy it.

We will work with renters to help them become homeowners. There are many reasonably priced homes in the Rocks and many ways for first-time buyers to buy homes. Homeownership is good for everyone and needs to be encouraged.

We will continue to hold Landlords to the new and stricter standards that have recently been adopted unanimously by Council. We want McKees Rocks to be a beautiful and safe place for everyone.

Parks & Recreation

We have limited recreational space in McKees Rocks. In the 3rd Ward we have the 3rd Street park which many people do not believe is safe. So where are our children supposed to play? We have to do better.


In the 3rd Ward we also have land adjacent to the Boys and Girls club that was donated to the Borough for recreational space.  Its time to talk about that land and how it can be used to benefit our community. 

Animal Control

We are painfully aware of the lack of Animal Control and the over population of cats in out area. Liz has been looking into solutions to Animal Control during her time on Council. Both Liz and David are active in the TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate & Release) community and work with local rescues which work to control the feral cat population and make everyone safer through vaccinations including Rabies vaccines. We are committed to working towards a free or low cost program for residents to get their pets spayed and neutered.



We are committed to responsible development that is fair to Business and Residents alike. We believe development should follow modern zoning practices and procedures that are easy for applicants to navigate to get the permits they need.

We believe applicants should know upfront whether their project is permitted in the location they want without having to jump through hoops just to find out its not a permitted use and then have to jump through more hoops with the Zoning Commission in hopes of getting a variance.. Current procedures are frustrating, time consuming and expensive for applicants. Too many "hoops" discourage developers and entrepreneurs. We believe this has been and continues to be a problem.


We want to see the Borough Government work more closely with the School District and the Father Ryan Arts Center. We need to be more supportive of our kids and the programs that exist to help them. Its time to ask the wonderful people and groups that hold holiday parties, sponsor youth sports and organize community events what the Borough can do to assist them.

Our Streets

We all know our roads need to be repaired. Our Street Department has done a great job with limited resources. They don't have the manpower or the money to repair all the roads. Some roads remained closed due to litigation over the repairs. That litigation has been settled now and we can move forward. Some roads will likely be fixed through grant funding because of being named a "transportation corridor". But that's only some roads. We promise to make our roads a priority - not an afterthought.

Council recently had a road study completed by Roadbotics in conjunction with Stowe Township. This study reviewed all our our streets and rated then so we know without question which streets need to be tackled first, second, etc. We are all in favor of new and better ways to serve our community.

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