McKees Rocks First isn't . . .

Our Opponents are running as "McKees Rocks First" trying to make you think they are the "hometown" candidates. But . . .

  1. McKees Rocks First Isn't based in McKees Rocks

  2. McKees Rocks First IS Craig Rippole

  3. Craig Rippole is a resident of Sewickley

  4. Craig Rippole is a partner of Trinity Development

  5. Craig Rippole is the ONE AND ONLY contributor to the McKees Rocks First campaign

Looks to us like "McKees Rocks First" is actually "Trinity Development First"

The reason we have Finance Campaign laws and disclosure laws is so you  - the voter - can know who the candidate(s) owe their allegiance to. Please feel free to review our Financial Statements as well. You will see we have multiple small dollar donors and a few larger ones but nothing even close to the money Craig Ripple has put in.  Our support is community wide.

WHY does Craig Rippole want them to win and us to lose?

Trinity Development has gotten a LOT of money and land from the Borough with NO COMPETITIVE BIDDING

They have "partnered" with the CDC and the Borough to get the Railroad property and 2.5 million for the Housing Authority Building. Our opponents have shown their support for Trinity Development in the Primary with their ads attacking liz. Now they want you to think Liz and Shallegra are responsible for bad decisions like getting rid of Eat 'n Park - when in fact its Trinity Development and the their supporters on Council who did it.  Liz questioned the value of Speedway and the Housing Authority Building. Liz tried to make Trinity keep their word to build (2) 40,000 sq. ft industrial flex space buildings. Trinity Development wants Liz GONE. They don't want to answer her questions or her attempts to hold them accountable.

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