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  Honesty, Integrity and Vision

Liz grew up in the Pittsburgh area, graduated from Pitt and later from Loyola Law School Los Angeles. She graduated 5th in her class from Loyola and accepted a position with the U.S. Department of Justice Honors Program in the Civil Rights Criminal Division. She returned to Los Angeles after fulfilling her obligation to the Justice Department and accepted a position as a Deputy District Attorney.


Liz spent several years prosecuting felonies before moving to the Major Fraud Division and the Insurance Fraud Division. The Deputy Insurance Commissioner for the State of California asked her to become her Special Assistant in 1996.​


She eventually left the DA's office to be able to spend more time caring for her widowed father who had Alzheimer’s Disease. She learned application programming, web site design and application programming for the internet and ran a small business.


In 2007 she decided to move back to Pittsburgh and bring her father back home. She lived in Crafton Heights and Robinson before buying her home in McKees Rocks where she intends to stay until she dies! Liz is active with the TNR community in the area.

In July 2017 Liz was asked to fill a vacant seat on Council. That November she ran to keep that seat for the remainder of the term (2018-19) and won. Liz currently heads the Communications Committee and sits on the Public Safety Committee, the Real Estate Committee and the Contracts Committee. Upon being elected Liz attended the 12 session Local Government Academy for Newly Elected Officials so she could better understand her duties and responsibilities as a member of Council.

Her first project on Council was to get a website up and running for the Borough. The website went live in 2018.


As a member of the Contracts Committee she renegotiated the Contract with Lamar for the bus shelters. Lamar wanted to remove shelters. Liz managed to keep all 5 bus shelters for our community.

As a member of the Real Estate Committee Liz worked hand in hand with the CDC to put on the Blight meeting this past fall. The Committee also kick-started the relationship between Bella Equity and the Borough. Bella Equity has purchased and demolished several blighted properties and plans to build several new homes in the Rocks. Liz and Shallegra along with Councilwoman Maribeth Taylor were instrumental in again partnering with the CDC to hire Palo Alto Partners, an expert in Urban planning and Blight remediation to come to the Borough and develop a plan that will revitalize the Rocks.

As a member of the Public Safety Committee she attended a four classes given by the Local Government Academy on Police Dept. Management. She was instrumental in getting the new Drug Take Back box installed at the Borough Building.

​In 2018 Liz became the Representative to the Char-West COG (Chartiers-west Council of Governments) where she works with representatives from multiple governments in the Western part of the County. Liz was recently elected Treasurer of the COG.

Want to Meet Liz For Coffee?

Liz has some mobility problems so she can't get to as many doors as she'd like, so instead she'll meet you for coffee. She's retired now so day or evening is OK. Sign up on the Contact Us page.

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