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A little about me:

I bought my home in McKees Rocks in 2010 because of its proximity to virtually everything in the Greater Pittsburgh region. I bought the home from the family who built it: my Great Aunt Valentine and her husband John. I can remember visiting as a kid and wondering how they managed to fit all those people in the place. The weekend I moved in, my neighbor gave me fifty-two tomatoes from his garden. That was the beginning of some amazing experiences and good friendships. Now, here I am, nine years later with my wife wondering how we crammed our three kids and pets into that same tiny little cape cod on Vine? 

I make a living as an Actor, Drama Teacher, Stage Hand and Studio Mechanic, and I have been doing so for over thirty years. I have a B.A. in Theater from Point Park University. During the 2017-18 school year, I did some volunteer teaching at Sto-Rox High School in Improvisational Theater. If you are lucky enough to know any of the kids I worked with, then I am sure you can get an honest opinion about me from them.

So why am I running for a council seat? 

I believe there is great potential in the Rocks, potential that is proven it its history; however, potential is nothing without pride and motivation. When I see the empty houses and storefronts, it makes me think there is some question that has not been asked, something else that has not been tried. I think we have to ask, and I think we have to try. I believe in revitalization without gentrification and that neighborhoods are for neighbors not real estate brokers. 

I also believe in the great potential of the people in McKees Rocks. We, as a community, should be doing everything possible to foster an environment that values inspiration and local home-spun ideas. At the same time, we should be vigorously attracting new investment from outside the region: the kind of investment that serves both long- and short-term financial goals. 

A career in the Theatre Arts requires patience, an inquisitive mind, the ability to listen to new ideas and creativity. I believe those are useful qualities for a McKees Rocks Borough Council Person as well.

None of this happens overnight. Questions? Drop me a line at

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