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Thank you to everyone who voted for us! Shallegra and Liz will be on the Ballot in November. Dave will be running as a write-in candidate. We're not ready to give up even one seat!

Important Information
Last Day to Submit Absentee Ballot: ​Nov. 1, 2019
Last Day to Register to Vote: Oct. 7, 2019
Election Day: Nov. 5, 2019  7am to 8pm
Polling Place: VFW 1251 Chartiers Ave

Why Vote for Us?

We are running together because we share a vision for a stronger, more vibrant, healthy McKees Rocks. We are running together because we have listened to the concerns and suggestions of McKees Rocks and realized we are stronger together.


We respect the past but understand that change is necessary for future growth. We love the people, small town feel and the hometown pride. And like you, we see the abandoned houses, disregard of law and disinvestment in the local education system. But we have also seen the turn-around of towns just like ours in towns such as Etna and Lawrenceville. The residents of McKees Rocks have the talent, the grit and the power to make change happen. 


As homeowners, we all CHOSE to buy and live here. That means we see the amazing possibilities and are deeply vested in the success of McKees Rocks. We want responsible, ethical commercial business that increase the tax base. We want residential development that attracts homebuyers to the community and we want living wage jobs and recreation for youth and adults alike. Each of these possibilities increases the taxable revenue to McKees Rocks, which in turn supports the schools, enables a robust public safety department and attracts more business and homeowners. 


What we want most is YOUR VOICE because there is no community without unity. Make your voice heard and vote for candidates that represent you!

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